Stephen Colbert

Today's Mystery of Life

Okay, so The Colbert Report was supposed to air new shows all this week but has suspended taping and gone into reruns "for unforeseen reasons." What could that be about?

Recommended Reading

Dahlia Lithwick covers the battle between Stephen Colbert and the Supreme Court of the United States of America. In terms of constructing a logical opinion, those folks in the black robes who gave us Super-PACs never had a chance.

Colbert Financial Report

Stephen Colbert is crowing that his Super-PAC, recently reclaimed from the custody of Jon Stewart, has raised more than a million dollars…and apparently without one cent of donations from corporations or unions. That can buy an awful lot of very silly ads and make a pretty big point about unregulated political action funds.

Truthiness in S.C.

Stephen Colbert wanted to sponsor the ballot for the South Carolina primary and to include a referendum question on whether corporations are people. He was denied both things but one pollster went ahead and asked how people would have voted if he'd gotten his wish, and also if he'd been a candidate on that ballot as he once discussed.

Go Read It!

Here's a good, long profile in the New York Times of Stephen Colbert. It really is impressive how he is able to improvise so well "in character" as he does…to the point where some people out there actually don't understand it's a character.