Where I'll Be

I will be a guest at The National, which is a big comic book convention being held at Penn Plaza Pavillion in the city of New York, November 16-18. Click on that link for more details and when we get closer to the date, I'll try to tell you here just what I'll be doing there.

And then the following weekend will find me in Columbus, Ohio for Roger Price's wonderful Mid-Ohio Con, a two-day extravaganza (November 24 and 25) at Battelle Hall in the Columbus Convention Center. Again, watch here for more details.

Unfortunately, it looks like Kirby: King of Comics, my book on Jack Kirby, will not be out in time for either con. We're still finding new treasures to include and it's now scheduled to come out in February of '08…I think. However, I expect to be signing it at Wondercon in San Francisco at the end of that month and I've tentatively accepted invites to a half-dozen other conventions next year. So I'll be around.