Cold, Cold Callers

So once again after a lull, I'm getting all these calls from contractors I've never heard of, offering me free estimates on any work I need done on my house. As it happens, I have a fine contractor and there's no work I need done…but obviously, some company is selling my number as part of a database of potential customers and I see no way to stop this. The "Do Not Call" registry, in which I am listed, only applies to the callers, not to the suppliers…and none of the callers calls me more than once.

Here is how the calls have been going lately. A total stranger calls and begins to tell me about their fine company. Often, they say they're "in my area" doing work for some of my neighbors at the moment. I interrupt them and here's how it goes…

ME: Excuse me. Could you tell me where you got this number?

THEM: Got your number? It comes up on a screen here.

ME: Okay, but where did your company get it in order to put it on your screen?

THEM: I really don't know.

ME: Well, if I'm going to hire a contractor, they're going to have to prove they're trustworthy. And if you won't answer that question for me, you're not trustworthy.

And they mutter something like, "Sorry to have taken up your time" and they hang up. So far, not one of them has offered to tell me where they got the number in order to prove their integrity. If one ever does, I'll let you know…after I inform them I don't need a contractor.