Today's Political Musing

Not that my rooting interest will change anything but I'm not sure who I'm hoping will be the Republican nominee. I think any of them will make health care worse in this country, skew the government so it favors the wealthy even more than it already does, and be more likely to get us into a reckless war. Ron Paul might not do the third of these but Ron Paul ain't gonna be the nominee — in part because of that. Mitt Romney seems like he'd be less destructive than Newt Gingrich. Then again, Mitt Romney seems to have more chance of beating Obama than Newt Gingrich.

(I just corrected a funny typo in the previous line. I realized I'd typed "Mitt Romney seems to have more chance of being Obama than Newt Gingrich." That might also be so.)

And not that I think Obama has been the Chief Exec of my dreams, either. Some of that has been because he probably was never as left of center as some of us hoped. The rest is due to G.O.P. control of the House and a near-control, in tandem with timid Democrats, of the Senate. I have friends who are angry at Obama for not passing Single Payer Health Care and jailing Cheney for war crimes. Politics, they forget, is The Art of the Possible.

My view of Obama is a lot like the one expressed in that Andrew Sullivan article to which I linked. I see that Fox News is routinely having guests on to savage Sullivan's piece but at last report, they were refusing Sullivan's offers to come on and defend what he wrote. Fair and balanced.

The main thing I think I want right now is to tune out this election and tune back in…oh, around early October when what's being said will have more relevance to who's going to win. Then again, if I did that I'd miss a lot of great Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert material. It's going to be a long year.