More on John Severin

Our friends at The Comics Journal have posted Gary Groth's long 1999 interview with John Severin. Well worth a read.

Near the end, Gary asked Severin about a story for DC called "Spoilers" written by Jerry DeFuccio and Severin says he has no memory of it. This may be because he didn't do it for DC. A few years earlier, DeFuccio — who was then an Associate Editor for MAD — was trying to put together a magazine for a new publisher. It would have been almost identical to Warren's old Blazing Combat — war tales drawn by a lot of the same people, only edited and written by DeFuccio. Jerry commissioned a couple of stories for it, paying the artists out of his own pocket. Then the project fell apart and he recouped his investment by selling the finished material to DC for its war books. "Spoilers" was one of those stories.