Hart Murmurs

R.C. Harvey has written a very good, long profile of the late cartoonist, Johnny Hart, who gave us B.C. and (with Brant Parker) The Wizard of Id. I always found his strips funny, though maybe less funny when he got preachy and (I thought) contemptuous of faiths other than his own.

I do think though it was always a matter of funny, not blasphemy. If anything in this world oughta have a "thick skin," it's a religion. Whatever your belief system is, it doesn't speak well for it that you think it can be harmed in the slightest by one guy drawing a comic strip. It's like people who think that if you burn its flag, you're somehow damaging the United States of America. Really? You think the nation's that frail? That its inherent truths don't make it immune to mosquito bites?