Important Question

So someone needs to research this. It says over on Wikipedia, which as we all know is never wrong about anything…

[Betty] White also holds the record for the oldest recipient of a competitive, non-honorary performing Emmy, winning in 2010 at the age of 88 – as well as holding the record for the oldest nominee, nominated in 2011 at the age of 89.

They may be talking there just about primetime Emmy Awards…but June Foray, who was nominated this morning for a Daytime Emmy, is 94. Actually, to get technical, she's more than 94 and a half. Did she just become the oldest-ever Emmy nominee, beating the previous holder of that honor by five years?

Performing Emmys in daytime do not usually go to older people since they're mostly for game shows and soap operas. Bob Barker was 83 when he got his 19th and final Emmy but he was the exception. There certainly has never been a game show host who worked into his nineties and I doubt there's been a soap opera actor or actress.

Like I said, someone needs to research this. And we may need to point this out to the press.