Happy Sergio Day!

Today is the 75th birthday of my best friend in the Male Division, Sergio Aragonés.  As a gift, I'm giving him the smile I know he'll have when he sees this photo I took of him and a man he loved very much, the late Joe Kubert.  And take a good look at this one, people.  You may never again see a photo with two guys who draw as fast and as naturally as these men.  Or are as beloved.

I have known Sergio since 1969.  I think in that time, I've encountered one instance of someone who didn't like him…and the disliker almost admitted the reason that was obvious to all: Pure jealousy.  He was envious of how popular Sergio was as both a creator of mirth-inducing sketches and as a human being who was fun to be around.  That's about the only reason I can imagine for anyone to dislike my friend.

Recently on Facebook, someone asked me when I was going to hire Sergio to do voicework on one of my cartoon shows.  I fired back, "When he learns to speak English" and of course, someone didn't get that was a joke and wrote me, "Doesn't Sergio speak English?"  Answer: Yes…and many other languages as well.  It was almost a waste of time for him to learn some of them because he communicates so well with anyone via his drawings.  I just kid him about his English because a guy like that…well, you have to kid him about something and I couldn't find anything else.  Sergio, if you'd like to give me a gift on my birthday next March, how about a flaw?  Yours, not mine.  I already have enough of mine.