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San Diego Comic Fest Blogging

So here I am on my laptop, sitting poolside at the Town & Country Convention Center and Resort. (A tip to you should you ever stay here: Don't make the mistake I did of arriving late in the evening. This place is a maze of bungalows and towers. There are few signs to tell you how to get to your room and none of them are large or lit. The staff is friendly but their skills at giving directions remind me of that Monty Python videogame where the only way to reach your destination is to do the exact opposite and turn left when Eric Idle tells you to turn right and so forth. It wasn't until I decided to adopt that approach that I located my room after twenty-some-odd minutes of driving around, turning and parking where I was told to turn and park but shouldn't have been.)

This is the final day of the San Diego Comic Fest, a small (deliberately) convention that aimed to capture some of the lost spirit that existed at San Diego Cons of the seventies. In that goal, it has been most successful. Everyone seems to have had a good time, mostly talking about The Good Old Days. There has been very little commerce. No one is hyping a new movie or videogame, and one can "do" the entire Dealers Room in thirty minutes or less. If you didn't want old toys or books from the seventies, you could probably buy the place out for under a grand.

I've been working on a script here by the pool. I'll post this, hit a men's room, sit for a "spotlight" interview at 12:30 and then probably hit the asphalt. I've had a good time here seeing friends and recalling another time and place but it's almost time to return to Today. That is typed with mixed emotions which I'll try to explain once I've gotten home and figured them out for myself. See you later.