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Speaking of Marty Feldman as I was recently here, here's a sketch with him and John Cleese from At Last…the 1948 Show.

It reminds me a bit of another sketch he did…with Cleese and other folks on several occasions. I first saw it with Charles Nelson Reilly on that Dean Martin summer replacement series I mentioned…any my friend Paul Dini also mentioned it in an e-mail. Reilly played a dapper gent waiting at a bus stop. Feldman played a little beggar who came up to him and said, "Gimme five bob, guv'nor. Gimme five bob." When Reilly refused, Feldman announced, "Give me five bob or I will take off all me clothes."

Anyone remember that? It was one of the funniest sketches I ever saw in my life and I'd wager big that it was something Mr. Feldman had done elsewhere and then reused on that Dean Martin placeholder. I saw him do it — I'm thinking with Cleese again — on one of those Secret Policemen's benefit shows or somewhere like that…and I remember liking the version with Charles Nelson Reilly better. Anyway, does this ring a bell with anyone?

Here are Mssrs. Feldman and Cleese in another sketch about a little, annoying man…