Final Total

You wonder if the Fox News watchers who were told their boy had it in the bag are going to stop and wonder what else their network is telling them that ain't true. Obama's victory did not surprise those who took the time to add up the electoral votes in all the states where the President was running ahead and did some pretty simple math. But there were folks in this country who put more faith in their hunches and desires. When they saw a few outlier polls that put Romney ahead, they seized on those as evidence that what they wanted to believe was so…and then they spread this non-scientific deduction to others. A lot of them said, "Nate Silver? Oh, he's in the New York Times and they always lie in favor of the Democrats." So even though Silver was patiently explaining why he thought what he thought and showing his work, he could easily be denied.

332 electoral votes is not, as Dick Morris called it, "a squeaker." If his prediction of Romney at 325 had come true, he would have proclaimed it as a landslide and an inarguable repudiation by America of everything Obama stood for. I don't think Obama's 332 is all that with regard to the G.O.P. agenda. I think some of it is that people just didn't trust Mitt Romney to divulge (or maybe figure out) his economic plan for the country after Inauguration Day. But it does show that a lot of what the right-wing pundits have been saying about the soul of this country has been…well, about as accurate as a Dick Morris prediction.