Friday Afternoon

A couple of restaurant chain owners are howling that because "Obamacare" now seems inevitable, they have to raise prices and/or lay off employees. This is just Bad Loser Whining from folks who'll raise prices or cut employees any time they think they can get away with it. When one says he has to cut 20% of his work force because of the Affordable Care Act, someone ought ask him why he had those employees in the first place if his business can function without them. Last time I was in a Denny's, they didn't seem to have a lot of unnecessary folks on the payroll.

The fellow who runs Papa John's has been saying that he'll have to raise the cost of a pizza something like fifteen cents. That sounds fine to me if it gets those poor delivery folks some decent health care. If I ordered from Papa John's, I'd gladly pay it. If I was Scrooge-like, I might pay it and then tip fifteen cents less but no matter. We're talking trivial amounts here and there are those who say he really only has to raise them a nickel.

As Matthew Yglesias notes, it's not that much different from the airlines realizing they can make more money by charging you to check luggage. It's just a way of getting more money from folks like you and me.