Monday Afternoon

Ezra Klein on companies like Papa John's that are whining about having to cough up the tiny amounts it'll cost them to make sure their employees have health insurance. I still think we should have completely liberated American business from all responsibility for employee health insurance by switching over to Single-Payer but that wasn't going to happen.

In other news, Tea Party Congressguy Allen West seems to have lost his seat in Florida. If before the election, Democrats had made up a list of the members of Congress they most hoped went down to defeat for jabbering right-wing nutcase speech, Mr. West would not have been far from the top…and Dems would not have dreamed they'd have gotten as many of their wishes as they did.

But the troubling thing about West's loss is that his refusal to concede and his last-ditch legal actions did uncover a lot of clumsiness with how the votes were counted — miscounted ballots, mislaid ballots, etc. It didn't help him keep his seat. In fact, the recounts he demanded put him even farther behind. But he did uncover some pretty sloppy handling of one of our nation's most sacred endeavors: Free elections. Am I the only person in this country who is ever troubled by how votes are counted even when they yield the outcome I wanted?