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In Passing…

Sorry to hear of the passing of actress-model Deborah Raffin at the too-soon age of 59. Deborah was one year behind me at University High School in West Los Angeles and we were in one or two classes together and occasionally lunched in the same circle. In one art class, we were all told to sketch each other and I did a drawing of her that was a superb likeness. Unfortunately, it was a likeness of Keenan Wynn but at least it looked like someone.

It will shock no one when I write that she was a woman (actually then, a girl) of striking beauty, just as it surprised no one who knew Debby Raffin then that she went on to what she went on to. When she starred in a movie called The Ransom, her name was on the marquee at the Royal, a theater that was only a few blocks from Uni Hi. I didn't see the film but I was sure impressed by that marquee.