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I was going to post the WKRP "turkey" episode in a nod to the holiday but everyone's doing that. So instead, this is a commercial for a now-defunct Kellogg's cereal, All Stars with its mascot — Whoo, the Wizard of Oats. I think I ate this product once and only because Huckleberry Hound had displaced the Wizard on the box. As a kid, I would have devoured gravel if it had had sugar on top and Huckleberry Hound on the box.

All Stars wasn't gravel but it came close. It was like Sugar Frosted Cheerios except in star shapes. How can that be bad? As I recall, it was. I preferred to eat Cheerios and add my own sugar and I hoped Huck would forgive me. Apparently, I wasn't the only kid who felt this way. The cereal was introduced into the marketplace in 1960 and I don't know how long it was around nationwide but it seemed to disappear from Los Angeles markets before 1965. Even Huckleberry couldn't save it.

Whoo was voiced by Cyril Ritchard, who is of course best known for playing Captain Hook to Mary Martin's Peter Pan. The character obviously didn't do a great job selling his product and it's too bad Lou Costello wasn't around then. They could have hired him and Abbott to do the commercials: "Whoo's on the box of my favorite breakfast cereal?" "That's right!" "What's right?" "Whoo is on the box of your favorite breakfast cereal!" "What are you askin' me for?"