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Twinkies in movies…

Michael Hiltzik does a pretty thorough job of demolishing the claim that the Hostess company is (probably) going out of business due to the greediness of its union. The evidence is that a revolving door of Management botched up or neglected needed modernization and upkeep, and that the union made concession after concession. But some folks just like to blame unions for everything.

A friend of mine who once consumed enough Twinkies to keep that company in the black just baking for him alone has an add-on theory. He thinks the product had just become cost-ineffective in terms of calories and (the "and" is important) price. There's a monetary cost in buying a product and if it's pleasure food, there's a calorie cost. Even folks who are ingesting way more calories per day than they should want to "spend" those calories on that which gives them the greatest joy. He says, "There are just now too many better options."