Today on Stu's Show!

Rose Marie and Stu Shostak.

We often plug Stu's Show on this site. Stu's Show is a weekly program heard right here on the World Wide Web, as no one seems to call it anymore. It's a weekly Wednesday ritual for many of you to tune in and hear your genial-but-excitable host Stu Shostak interview either (a) some great from the world of television or (b) me. I was his first guest back on December 7 — a day that will live in infamy — 2006. How long ago is that? Long enough that later this afternoon, you can listen in and hear him do Show #300!

In those first 299 shows, he's had some amazing guests and you can hear excerpts from their longer conversations today as Stu presents some of the moments of which he is the proudest. It's like one of Johnny Carson's old retrospective shows except you don't have to watch the Copper Clapper Caper or Ed Ames throwing his tomahawk. If you're never heard a Stu's Show before, this might be a great place to start. If you have, just remember: He may not include your favorite moments. He has, after all, more than 600 hours of programs to excerpt and today's show will only run (I'm guessing) around two-and-a-half hours.

There are two ways to listen to Stu's Show: Live and as a podcast. You can hear a live feed via many apps including TuneIn Radio and Shoutcast! You can also just go to his website and click on a player there. The show starts at 4 PM West Coast time which is 7 PM East Coast time and other times in other climes. It always runs at least two hours but usually goes over. Listening to it live is free.

Listening to it later costs a buck…well, actually less than a buck. Its ninety-nine cents or you can receive four different MP3s of past Stu's Shows for the price of three. Today's broadcast will be up there for purchase about a half-hour after the live webcast concludes so that could be one of your four. Go to that same website and click on "Archives."

I really like Stu's Show. I like Stu and I like his show…so I congratulate him on his 300th broadcast. And as a gift, I want to get him some new listeners. Go see if you want to be one.