Today's Video Link

Back in the early days of Basic Cable, Robert Klein hosted a weekly talk show that looked like it was done on a budget of about eleven dollars…but it was as entertaining as any talk show I've seen. Here's eighteen minutes he spent one evening with Soupy Sales. It's in two parts which should play one after the other in the player I've embedded below.

Soupy starts the festivities by telling the tale of the time on his New York kids' show when he was suspended for asking his young viewers to take currency from their parents' wallets and mail it in to him. I heard him tell this story about nine different ways over the years — sometimes, he said they got no money; sometimes, he said it was all Monopoly money, etc. — so I don't know what the truth was. Later in the chat, he tells one of the many and varied stories of how he got his stage name…but it's a good conversation between two funny men so it may be worth eighteen minutes of your life.

There was a second chapter to the story of Soupy asking kids to send in the contents of daddy's wallet. On a convention panel a year or two ago, I got Chuck McCann to tell that tale. Here's a link to the last few minutes of that panel when he told that part.