From the E-Mailbag…

Garrie Burr writes with a question that's got me wondering, too…

A student (and practitioner) of comedy like yourself might know the answer to this puzzler.

Jack Benny's radio shows played part in perpetuating catch-phrases of the day, often ones from songs on the hit parade. Although it's generally not hard to know the provenance of things like "Mairzy-doats" and "My mama done told me," they occasionally throw in one that remains a mystery to our modern minds.

The 1944 shows keep throwing in versions of the following line: "That's what the man said, he said that, that's what he said..!"

I remember something like this being used by Tweety Bird and another time by Bugs, but haven't been able to find who started it. Any ideas? Friends and the Internet both come up empty on this one. Not sure if it's related to one of Dennis Day's favorite lines at the time, "Ooh, what he said!" Whatever the case, have a great holiday! I look forward to reading more of your stuff in the new year.

I should know this one. I have the feeling I did and just can't summon it up now. It was a catch-phrase of someone on radio back then. Anyone?