Go Read It!

Here's a good profile of Jerry Seinfeld, among other things a man who owns "a few dozen" Porsches.

Seinfeld and Jay Leno are among the few comedians I've ever read about who seem to genuinely enjoy the stand-up life, jetting from town to town to do their acts. A great many comics enjoy it in the short-run but see it as a means to an end: A way of showcasing one's self to get a movie deal, a sitcom, a role on a series, etc. They don't do it much if at all once the other things kick in and start paying off. Leno is big on the "use it or lose it" philosophy and doesn't count his nightly Tonight Show monologues as batting practice. He has to get out and perform his well-honed stand-up act several times a week. So, apparently does the guy with all the Porsches.