Jack Klugman, R.I.P.


Tony Randall and Jack Klugman

I'm afraid don't have much in the way of Jack Klugman anecdotes. I saw him on stage twice, both times doing a Neil Simon play opposite Tony Randall. One time was The Odd Couple. The other time was The Sunshine Boys. But I also used to go watch the two of them rehearse the Odd Couple sitcom. A friend of mine had an "in" there and I think we went three or four times to observe from the bleachers. I was impressed with the professionalism and the thought behind what they did. They'd do a scene, then stop and discuss why each of them said this or did that. It was the first time I ever eavesdropped on real actor talk and as I came to learn, I couldn't have audited a better example.

Mr. Klugman had an amazing career. He was always in something and it was usually a pretty good something. Even after he lost most of his voice to throat cancer, people kept wanting to hire him. You've gotta be a terrific actor for that to happen…and he was.