Peter David News


2012 wouldn't let us get away without another dose of bad news. Peter David, a fine writer and good friend, has suffered a stroke that has impaired his vision and paralyzed most of his right side. He was on vacation in Florida when it occurred and is awaiting further prognosis or diagnosis or some kind of nosis.

This is one of those moments — we all probably have way too many of them — when you wish there was something really helpful you could do…but there isn't anything. At least, not yet. You can think good thoughts about the person and if you believe it helps them or you, pray — but that's about it. And Peter would be the first guy to be frustrated to be in that position if it was a friend of his who'd had the stroke. I'll let you know if I hear anything else but it'll probably be posted to Peter's weblog…which at this moment seems to have crashed due to heavy traffic. The blog will probably be back shortly and Peter will probably be back not long after that.