Party! Party! Party!


You gonna be home tonight? I am. The worst parties I've ever been to in my life were on New Year's Eve, plus I had a couple of near-collisions with drivers who'd partied way more than one should when one is driving. One seemed too drunk to be walking. So I always stay here and usually try to finish some script that was due that year before that year ends. Tonight, we can also all watch the Fiscal Cliff negotiations and see Congress drop the ball.

But you can also bring the party to you. For several years now, my friends Stu Shostak and Jeanine Kasun have hosted a great party you can listen to on your computer or cellular device. It's New Year's Eve Live with Stu and Jeanine and it runs six hours starting at 7 PM Pacific Time which is, of course, 10 PM Eastern. If you dwell in some other time zone, you can probably figure your start time out from that. Listen in for a little music and lotsa talk with a bevy of spectacular guests — some live at Stu's house and some phoning it in. I'll be phoning it in shortly after Midnight on the west coast.

Who else? Here's a partial list: June Foray, Hank Garrett, Rose Marie, Stan Livingston, Peter Mark Richman, Geri Jewell, Fred Frees, Francine York, Randy West, Christopher Bay, Vince Waldron, Joe Alaskey, Joan Howard, Jill Howard, Bob Illes, Steve Beverly and Wesley Hyatt. (My apologies to those I couldn't fit in the above illustration.) Various folks will be chatting at various times…and there will also be phone-in trivia contests with actual prizes and a few surprises. You may especially enjoy hearing Stu get increasingly drunk and be unable to work his audio equipment.

How can you hear such a thing? Go to the Stu's Show website and you'll find many ways there to join the party. I listened to much of it last year and enjoyed it a whole lot and I find that it helps to put a lampshade on your head. Or better still, the entire lamp.