Today's Video Link

Oh! Here we have a commercial from back in the sixties for Post Crispy Critters. I always liked these spots which featured Sheldon Leonard as the voice of Linus the Lionhearted. Didn't like the cereal but I liked the commercials.

This one has been posted to YouTube a couple of times and every time, someone misidentifies the fellow doing the voice of the bird. It's Charles Smith, a character actor who because of his quirky voice had a lot of bit parts in movies of the forties and fifties, and TV shows of the sixties. Remember the scene in Yankee Doodle Dandy where George M. Cohan in retirement meets some teenagers who don't know who he is? Well, the tall, lanky teen in that group was Charles Smith. He also played the character Dizzy Stevens in all the Henry Aldrich movies.

In there is mention of Sugar Sparkled Flakes, which was an unsuccessful attempt by Post cereals to replicate Kellogg's popular Sugar Frosted Flakes.  I recall my mother getting a box of it once and it seemed identical to the stuff Tony the Tiger was selling.  I guess Tony was just too well-established and beloved in the marketplace for people to buy the same thing from someone else…