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Many political type forums are reporting today that 64% of all registered Republicans believe Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Justin Green points out that this is not exactly what the survey said. It merely asked if they thought Obama was hiding something about his past.

I have this belief that when most people are quizzed by a pollster, they feel momentarily empowered and what goes through their mind is not, "What is the most accurate answer?" It's more like, "What answer should I give that will most help my side?" That may or may not be the same reply. I can well believe that 64% of registered Republicans hate Obama, wish he'd never been elected and maybe even fantasize that something will come out that will retroactively void or at least tarnish his victories. And yes, Democrats no doubt do this too though Democrats never hated George W. Bush for as many imaginary, theoretical actions as Republicans have against Obama.