Today's Video Link

A friend of mine named David Jablin produced this around '83 or '84…and if that name seems familiar, it's because he was also the producer of Mastergate, which I linked to here and which a lot of you told me you enjoyed. The little film below was created by David Wechter, who I believe was more recently one of the folks behind Penn & Teller: Bullshit and several other reality-type shows.

What you're about to see, assuming you click, was done for Likely Stories, an early made-for-cable series that showcased a number of very clever short comedy films. I loved about 80% of what was on it and wish there had been more episodes than there were.

This film — School, Girls and You — runs 15 minutes and is recommended for mature audiences due to brief nudity, the appearance of a singing cartoon penis and a surplus of jokes about masturbation. But it's very funny and it features a familiar voice — Dick Tufeld as the narrator — and some familiar faces. The faces include those of Paul Reubens not playing Pee-wee Herman and Patrick Macnee not playing John Steed. Mr. Reubens might have done well to heed some of its cautions.