Today's Video Link

Here's 48 minutes of Bill Boggs interviewing Jerry Lewis. This was done when Jerry was promoting Hardly Working, which came out in 1981. At the time, Jerry hadn't had a film released since Which Way to the Front? in 1970. He shot the never-released The Day the Clown Cried in 1972.

Jerry tells the story which he's often told about how he stopped making films for that long time after seeing one of his movies sharing a theater marquee with Deep Throat. As we discussed here, I don't believe any movie theater ever double-billed a Jerry Lewis movie (or anything not X-rated) with Deep Throat and I also don't believe that's a reason to stop making films. I think you stop because your films are losing money and no studio wants to invest much in you any longer.

If you're a fan of odd Jerry Lewis interviews, this one's for you. He rambles on through many topics, gets occasionally peeved at the host, blames himself for the breakup with Dean and flat-out refuses to answer a number of questions. It's got it all…