Omelets for Pussycats


The Friskies company is making this stuff…cat food that is designed to be your cat's breakfast. There's a Rise & Shine dry food and four varieties of wet food:

  • Friskies® Rise & Shine Tasty Turkey & Egg Scramble (accented with Cheese in Sauce)
  • Friskies® Rise & Shine Sizzlin' Beef & Egg Scramble (also accented with Cheese in Sauce
  • Friskies® Rise & Shine Sunny Chicken & Egg Scramble (accented with Garden Greens in Sauce)
  • Friskies® Rise & Shine Savory Salmon & Egg Scramble (also accented with Garden Greens in Sauce)

Sound tasty? Of course. But I've always found it silly that the way to sell pet food is to make it seem appealing to the buyers who are not going to eat it. I fall for it, too. I like tuna so I buy cat food with tuna in it based, I guess, on the premise that animals around me will like what I like. My lady friend Carolyn doesn't even like a lot of the foods I like but somehow the stray cats out back share my culinary tastes. The truth is that they'd probably rather have Chopped Mouse or something like that.

Anyway, upon seeing "Rise & Shine" foods in the market, I purchased one can — the kind with the salmon in it — and took it home to study extensively in my test kitchen. Which is to say I split a can between the two feral cats, Lydia and Sylvia, I've lately been feeding on my back porch. The verdict? They loved it. And neither was famished as both were fed well about eight hours earlier.

Lydia seems to like anything with any kind of fish in it. Sylvia will eat anything. But I can't recall either devouring their chow quite as ravenously. Since it's the same price as the other cans I buy them, I think I'll try out the other varieties and a few more tins of the salmon. I may start serving it to them with hash-browns and a toasted English muffin on the side plus a cup of joe. Lydia prefers hers black with two Sweet-n'-Lows.