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More Envelope-Opening

In case you can't go a week without seeing an awards show, you can watch the Writers Guild Awards tonight…but only on the 'net. Starting around 6 PM, they'll be live-streamed at this site.

I have only been to one Writers Guild Award show in my life and I only went because Gore Vidal was the guest speaker. As it turned out, Vidal was disappointingly brief and had absolutely nothing of interest to say. I did however find myself seated next to a fascinating gent named Alan Alda. I'd go again if I could be sure I'd be next to him. He was especially entertaining right after they announced the category in which he didn't win but felt he should have.

But a lot of folks love this show, which has grown larger and more star-studded since the one I attended. You might want to peek in…and while you're at it, remember how in the last strike, we settled for a contract that pays us almost nothing when our work is streamed on the Internet.