Good Blogkeeping

Something about the latest Firefox update is incompatible with something in the latest WordPress update. WordPress is the software that makes the pages that comprise this website.

When you come to this page, Firefox is supposed to check to see if things have changed since the last time you came here. If not, it displays the version of this page you downloaded on that last visit. If something has changed — say, if I've posted a new item — then it downloads the new version and displaces the previous version. For some reason, it's not doing this for everyone and a few friends report they aren't seeing any messages I posted since about last Thursday. If they reload the page a few times though or flush their caches, all is right with the world.

A slightly less severe version of the problem has to do with the videos I embed. I have all of them in their proper places but — again, in a few cases — they turn up in the wrong windows. This is again a problem of your computer "remembering" stuff it's supposed to forget. Try refreshing the page a few times and see if that doesn't solve matters. If it doesn't, try this: Pick out a post with the wrong video displayed. Click on its subject line and you'll be taken to the individual page for that item. It should have the proper video in place. If it doesn't, one refresh oughta make things right. Then read forward or backwards a little and all should be right with the world. I assume the next release of either WordPress or Firefox will come about soon and will correct this.

If you ever have this problem with a browser other than Firefox, pretty much the same solutions apply. There is absolutely nothing I can do on my end…and you're probably having the same problem with other sites but if they don't update as often as I do, it may not be as noticeable.