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Let's go back a few years and catch one of the oddest magic acts…Tom Mullica, who did bizarre things with cigarettes. I don't think anyone's doing this kind of thing today and with good reason. Audiences wouldn't tolerate being in the same room with all that smoke.

Tom is still around and still performing…but not this kind of thing. Some years ago, he abandoned cigarettes and began starring in a tribute act for his late friend, Red Skelton. He plays Branson much of the year and tours when he's not in Branson. Word of mouth and the clips I've seen suggest he does a very fine show and I hope to see it some day.

Here's his cigarette routine. Before you decide you'd like to do something like this, you should know something. Tom is now (happily) back at work after spending some time fighting leukemia and seeing it go into remission. They say that smoking cigarettes can raise your risk of getting this disease by 30% or more. I wonder what the odds are when you smoke them twelve at a time…