Friday Afternoon

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties here at due to too much traffic. It has slowed down the loading of the site to about the pace of a Galapagos Tortoise on Xanax and caused the site to be only intermittently available. If you can read this, you're lucky.

I'm arranging for some upgrades (which may cost money, he said, hinting for tips) but it may be a few days before we're up and running at the old pace. Don't worry if you can't get here since I probably won't be posting anything that's all that interesting…or very often. I have another killer deadline, I have a load of meetings and appointments, and it looks like the deal to sell my mother's house has fallen through so I have to deal with that. In Escrow, no one can hear you scream.

Fear not though. I will soon be up 'n' running at my old pace again.