news from me


Further tech problems (which involved our relocation to yet another new server — one that is all our own) kept this weblog down most of yesterday. This will not happen again. I hope, I hope, I hope. For service above and beyond duty, I would like to thank Glenn Hauman here…and I will thank him in person later this week at WonderCon, taking him out for a lavish dinner and allowing him to order anything he likes on the menu as long as the first two letters are "Mc."

I still have one or three cosmetic things to put back the way they're supposed to be. The biggie is that for some reason, the server on which this site now operates doesn't know what time it is. It will tell you via this message was posted at 3:14 AM. It wasn't. It's around 8:30 as I write this. The next message or two (at least) will be similarly unstuck in time. Isn't it shocking to know you can't always believe what you read on the Internet?