Super Links

In my continuing quest to link to every article that quotes me, here's a fine article by Todd Leopold on Superman.

Also, I wasn't interviewed for it but here's a good piece on Marc Toberoff, the attorney who's been representing the estate of Jerry Siegel in its quest to reclaim some of the rights to Jerry's co-creation, The Man of Steel. You can read a lot of nonsense about Toberoff on the 'net or you can read this article, which pretty well coincides with things that I observed first-hand. (Full Disclosure: I was what they call an Expert Witness in this case. In fact, the judge who ruled in the Siegels' favor in 2008 wrote in his opinion that I was "credible and persuasive" and that I "…attempted to answer directly and honestly the questions…without equivocation or evasion." Remember that the next time you doubt anything I write here.)