Wednesday Morning

Sergio and I are driving down to San Diego and should be set up in time for Preview Night. A couple of folks have written to say they intend to drop by my station in the hall — I-8, to the left of Sergio, where I'm poaching with Scott Shaw! — to buy whatever I'm selling. Well, that'll be cheap because I'm selling nothing. I may be the only person behind a table in that building who is selling nothing…intentionally. I'm just there because my knee being what it is, I need a place to sit instead of wandering the premises like I usually do. My knee's appearance, by the way, is made possible by a shot of Cortisone from a nice man at the Beverly Hills Orthopedic Group.

Preview Night used to be three hours of the con at a more leisurely, less-crowded pace. Now, it's a place to say, "My God, if it's this packed for Preview Night, imagine what Saturday's gonna be like in this room!"

That statement, by the way, is kind of a throwback to a time when not every day of the convention sold out…so Saturday was the day with the most attendees. Now, since every day is long since sold out, every day is the day with the most attendees. Still, there are those who put on panels and fight for Saturday slots because they think that's the day most people are there.

One last tip before I post a Video Link, change the header and go finish packing: The convention has a great shuttle bus system that not only will take you to and from where you're staying, it can easily drop you off in other parts of San Diego with great, less-crowded restaurants. The city also has a fine trolley system that can be boarded and unboarded right across from the convention center…and I kinda love that almost all the taxicabs have names that suggest they're from different companies when they all obviously come from the same place. I would avoid the bicycle-driven pedi-cabs if I were you as they tend to overcharge and overturn.

Hope to see some of you down there. Where's the damn power cord for my razor?