Columns for The Comics Buyers Guide

Remembering three men who made the art form of Comic Art proud: Don Segall, Doug Wildey and Frank Ridgeway.
An explanation I wrote of how this silly comic book I seem to be involved with came from. Definition of "mulching" not included.
Everyone who goes to Vegas often has a story like this. This one is mine, all mine.
Three consecutive articles I wrote about the Comedy Store and about a kid who used to work there named Jay Leno.
How a man with shaving cream all over his face made a big difference in many lives, mine included.
One of those days when your life just changes: The night I went to visit Rob and Laura Petrie in person.
One of 87,000 articles I've written about a wonderful man and a wonderful talent, Jack Kirby.
I can't write an article about how I used to get in trouble in high school so here's one about how I didn't get into trouble in high school.
In which I go to Vegas to meet with a man who was very loud and very funny…
What happens when you see something on TV that doesn't make sense and try to bring it to their attention.
Just hangin' at Harrah's with a Show Biz Legend…
One of my big heroes is the man who brought satire to the record business and a sense of humor to advertising. When you get a moment, read what I wrote about Stan Freberg.
All about an aging beauty of a hotel that has since become extinct.
Another hero of mine was the World's Greatest Ventriloquist…and that's just one of his many accomplishments.
Here's a cautionary tale for you, just in case you ever headline in a Las Vegas showroom.
When you're a comedy writer, you become one of The Boys. Even if you're A Girl.
Some people prefer to call them "Casino Hosts" but they'r really Pit Bosses. Here's what they do.
The thrilling story of how I became America's least-heard radio personality.
So one night in Las Vegas, I broke up with my then-girlfriend and I ran away for an hour to join the circus…
Pretty simple concept: Three stories that happened in restaurants.
Few things are as important in Show Business as where you park. Here's why.
I never found Redd Foxx particularly funny. I did find him particularly fascinating.
This one's about Doonesbury but it's also about the whole art of finding humor in current events. Amazingly, there usually is some.
Why falling asleep while driving on the freeway is not a good idea…and what to do to stop it.
Here's one of many articles I've written about the folks who speak the words that come out of the mouths of cartoon dogs, cartoon pigs, cartoon ducks…
Stan Freberg did what I think is the greatest comedy album ever. Here's the story of it and its sequel.
So one night I'm in Las Vegas and I get a free ticket to go see Barry Manilow…
When you go to see a TV show taped or filmed, someone has to come out and get you in the mood. It is, as you can see, an art unto itself.
Two columns about the folks who put the words into word balloons…and how they're increasingly doing it at a keyboard.
What happened once when I was in Laughlin, Nevada and my luggage wasn't.
Everyone who collected comics when I start has a favorite place they used to get theirs. This was mine.
What shall we do to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next? Let's blow up a hotel!
If you grew up in Los Angeles when I did, you not only remember these guys, you couldn't forget them if you tried.
Joy and sadness at a little building on Fairfax Avenue with cold, hard seats and lots of memories.
We're going to a birthday party for the world's oldest ventriloquist. S'right? S'right!
In some ways, making a comic book is like building a Buick. Let's look at various stops along the way.
How I fell in love with the work of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy…and how I stupidly passed up my chance to meet Mr. Laurel.
Mel Blanc was not only the greatest actor in theatrical animation, he was the role model for all who came after him.
I think people take the Academy Awards way too seriously. Here's some of the reasons why.
You have to write something by a certain date. You can't write. What do you do? This article will tell you what I've done.
I was a witness to the creation of one of Jack Kirby's many great creations. Here is some of what I saw there.
Here's the story of a popular animated TV series that I developed for television…and how it ended. Or rather, how it didn't end.
Manny Stallman was a lovely man who drew a lot of interesting comic books. Another one, Gil Kane, joined in when I wrote about Manny.
My dinner with Mr. Smith.
Steve Allen was one of the most versatile performers ever on television…and one of its bravest.
Among the odder things I did in my college days was to spend an hour one, sometimes two days a week listening to Red Skelton tell me dirty jokes.
He was the voice of Scooby Doo, Boo Boo Bear, Papa Smurf and so many more. We miss Don.
Saying goodbye to the other half of Jack Kirby.
Take this column. Please.
My life with a lazy, lasagna-loving pussycat.
I had this friend who hated nothing more than to know how a movie ended before he saw it. Please do not reveal the surprise ending of this article about him.
This is about people who can do things better than just about anyone else who tried to do them.
If you're female and the least bit attractive, someone will ask you to disrobe before a camera. In the increasingly-unlikely event you haven't already, read this before you do.
This is a much-read series of columns I wrote about how creative folks are always being pestered to do free (or probably free) work and why they shouldn't do that.
Here's another one of those ideas I often have that no one will ever implement: A way to make the TV-movie business a tad saner.
Everybody loves Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies. Here's just a little of that love.
This is The Elephant Story. A lot of people come to this site wanting to read The Elephant Story. This is what they're looking for.
A memorable convention panel — the first and (sadly) last — with the comic book author responsible for some of the best stories of the Silver Age.
Remembering a very brave man…and his rubber bird.
Encounters on-screen and in-person with the One, the Only Julius H. Marx.
The most-read/plagiarized story from this blog: The tale of Mel Tormé and the Christmas carolers.
How to get from Caesars Palace to the Matterhorn in no time…and why that's not a great idea.
Larry "Seymour" Vincent did himself proud in what is now a nearly-extinct profession: TV Horror Movie Host.
If you're in show business, you need to read this. And probably more than once.
What do you do when you're producing a TV variety show and can't get a guest star? Call for Cesar.
Darn near everything you need (or care) to know about the art 'n' craft of speaking for animated characters.
Wanna hear what happened when the operator of this blog tried out to be a TV weatherman? We predict you'll think he was outta his mind.
About the art/craft (pick one) of writing jokes and about making them be about today.
Thoughts on the passing of the man who single-handedly wrote and drew the most popular comic strip of all time.
He was one of the directors of those great Warner Brothers cartoons and later, the man who gave us Beany and Cecil. He was also a good friend to many of us and I hope this column made that clear.
My, how the pastime of watching pictures move at home has changed over the years.
An obit for a true (and amazingly prolific) Master of Comic Art.
What I want to have happen when I go. And if this isn't what happens, I'm not going.
An awful lot of people draw Batman stories signed as if Bob Kane had drawn them. This is an obit piece on one of the best.
And now, here's something we hope you'll really like…
June Foray is and will forever be The First Lady of Cartoon Voicing. This is a column I wrote about her.
Thoughts about one of the most important franchises ever on television and on the men placed in charge of it.
One year at Comic-Con International, I got Will Eisner and Chuck Cuidera together to discuss the origin on one of the best comic books of what some call the Golden Age of Comics. Here is most of what was said that afternoon.
A conversation with the master cartoonist responsible for the Dondi newspaper strip…and so much more.
I never saw Gwen Verdon perform live but she's still probably my favorite Broadway Star.
We note the passing of two men who made an awful lot of people laugh.
As a kid, I loved every cartoon character that spoke with the voice of Daws Butler. As a bigger kid, I loved the man who made those sounds.
This is another column about Daws Butler.
Nick Cardy is one of the great comic book artists and a very nice man. Here's some of what was said on a panel the first time he attended a Comic-Con International in San Diego.
I wrote this screenplay which a lot of people liked and some even paid me money for…and a few of them actually read.
I call him the Best Friend Comics Ever Had. Read this to understand why.
So here's the story of what happened when the great comic book artist Jack Kirby took his family to a taping of Welcome Back, Kotter.
Farewell to the voice of Carlton, Your Doorman and Garfield the Cat…and he was much more than that.
This was going to be a column about being a Broadway star but the star took ill so the understudy is in.
James Randi — the great "debunker" of phony psychics (i.e., all who claim such powers) — sends people to read this column. You won't need special powers to discern why.
Johnny Craig was one of the best artists at E.C. comics and later at Marvel. Here, on the occasion of his passing, is what I knew about him.
How to get a passport and not go to Europe for a big business deal that doesn't happen.